Indoor and outdoor cleaning

We cover all the bases. West Coast provides expert and customized indoor and outdoor cleaning services for your needs. Our professional cleaning services include:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Door glass/window cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Emptying trash
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Construction clean up
  • Manual and mechanical sweeping
  • Litter picking
  • Sand removal

There are solid reasons why we are the service provider of choice for our customers. We have unique expertise on all floors and hard surfaces, crews that are known for speed and reliability, standardized pricing for great savings, and streamlined processes that are sparing you every single burden over the entire cycle.


Pest Control

West Coast has a dedicated pest control team that deploys the latest technology to provide best in class, safe, efficient and complete pest control services. We take pride in the cost savings that we can deliver to our customers without compromising on quality, integrity, or effectiveness. We stay current on all of the pest control techniques and use the most effective materials especially the green and environmentally safe product options. Our team of technicians is licensed and trained to approach any aspect of the pest control business with integrity and attention to details.

We are fully equipped to offer our customers the following and more:

  • Interior and exterior pest control services including prevention and control services to different types of premises
  • Full compliance with international standards and approved chemicals by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment and the Ministry of Health
  • Monthly, bi-monthly and one-time services
  • Organic and green treatment options.

Grounds and Landscaping

We keep your property looking at its best. If you are a residential property, your landscaping provides you with joy. If you are a commercial or a governmental property, your landscaping provides your customers with a first impression for your business. At West Coast, we understand how important it is to amaze spectators from the outside in. Our approach to landscaping design and maintenance is more comprehensive than most in the market. The UAE is known for its high standards in the design and execution of outstanding landscaping therefore, standing out in the UAE, our horticulturists and garden professionals are trained to know the proper plants, shrubs, and trees suitable for the types of soil and climate in the UAE.

While delivering state of the art landscaping, our main focus is to protect the environment by using retrofitting irrigation systems in order to reduce water consumptions and landscaping costs.



Since 2000, West Coast Group has built a track record of managing single-vendor relationships and multi-location operations to keep facilities fully functioning. Ranging from long-term maintenance plans, day-to-day maintenance and emergency calls. We carefully select, dispatch, and manage our technicians so that you get a peace of mind.

We offer a host of services to clients that are customized to their needs which includes plumbing, electrical services, and heating & air-conditioning repair to create the most cost-effective, integrated repair and maintenance program. We do so through:

  • Top-quality and compliant technician and vendor network
  • Convenient one point of contact for any need
  • Subject matter experts proficient at identifying issues
  • Ultimate preventive/reactive maintenance
  • Standardized pricing for greater savings